Noesis Theory

a cognitive model to support the path to AGI

What is Noesis Theory

  • It’s a cognitive model, inspired by the human brain.
  • It’s an algorithm that can be used as a Chain of Thought strategy to help deliver AGI-level cognition & behavior in existing Large Language Models.

Why should I care

It might hold one of the keys in unlocking AGI, in the immediate future!
It’s a novel approach to AGI, but also super practical. You will find diagrams on how it can be applied on top of an existing LLM, to generate autonomous agents that can reason & behave like humans, using emotions to guide their thoughts & actions.
And it can be generalized to any type of action, not just text output, and therefore be used in robots.

At the same time, it provides the answer to controllability of AI. You will see that it’s very easy to visualize the motives of every AI agent, as well as the means through which it’s attempting to achieve its goals. Thus, it will be very easy to install the necessary safeguards.

Finally, if proven successful in practice, it could help us draw insights on how the human brain actually works and help answer questions like:

  • what consciousness is
  • how our thought process works
  • how we prioritize & how we multitask
  • whether we have free will
  • how we can deal with trauma
  • how to best learn new skills
  • and many more

Is it credible?

No. It’s not backed by DeepMind or OpenAI. It wasn’t developed by Carnegie Mellon or a distinguished AI scientist.
It’s a labor of love of 18 years by an unknown computer scientist in Greece, who holds no academic credentials in AI (aside from a certificate in Deep Learning from 😁 ).

So the probability that this is “the real deal” is quite low. But it’s not zero! Since this is a low-probability, high-reward scenario, it might be worth a few minutes of your time! Because…

you might regret it, if you don’t spend 15 minutes to read it, but another researcher does!

Ready to learn how to build AGI?

Start with the very brief description of the Theory.

What next?

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on the subreddit /noesis.