I reject your reality & substitute my own

It’s funny, but if I had to pick a quote that best describes in a succinct manner how the human brain functions, I would pick this phrase, as popularized by Adam Savage:

I reject your reality and substitute my own

The reason it’s funny is because this phrase was probably intended as a pun, but the irony is that, in the end, this is the main utility of the brain!

The brain predict what will happen, evaluates whether it will be good or bad (emotional coloring, as I like to call it) and if it believes there is something to be gained (a pleasure to capture or a discomfort to avoid) it chooses a different reality and starts projecting it as the preferred alternative! And the way the brain circuitry works, the more it projects this reality the more likely it is to start happening. Actions happen, thoughts are done and it gets closer and closer to this new, preferred reality.

In other words, it rejected the reality that was presented to it, and attempted to alter the environment to substitute the reality with its own!



I’ve made some good progress with Noesis. I’ll come back and try to explain it even better with the mechanism that this whole thing implements, so that it’s even simpler to understand and follow along.

Cheers, Vassilis

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