Red Riding Hood in the Grey forest, a Noesis fairy-tale

In many of my posts, you’ve probably seen me use Noesis terminology to explain stuff, but I admit it’s hard to keep up and sometimes if you don’t have the concept handy in memory, you may get lost or misinterpret the message. For this reason, I’m gonna tell you a fairy-tale; that of the Red Riding Hood sisters (they are many 🙂 and their trip to the Grey forest.

So the Red Riding Hood wants to go to the cabin, to meet her grandmother. But the Grey forest is a actually a maze! There are many paths, all convoluted and you can never be absolutely sure that you’re going in the right direction. On top of it, it’s night, and it’s dark! Little Red Riding Hood is carrying a lantern, but the light it sheds is of course omni-directional, and cannot see very far towards one direction.
So it’s worst case is when the path she’s travelling on ends on crossroads. Her little lantern may not be enough to shed enough light towards the alternative paths, so she’s unsure where to go. Her past experience ("follow the straight path up to where it leads you") is not enough to judge how to continue. Little as she is, her only solution is to start crying (in Noesis terms: a Driving Pocket – DP). The more lost she is, the more loud she will probably cry (how big the DP is).

But fear not, because there is a chopper patrolling the woods (in Noesis terms, this is the Battery), and is actively listening around, eager to help if any of the Hood sisters is at a loss. The chopper has big directional lights, so when it hears the cry for help, it quickly flies on top of the little Red Riding Hood and uses its lights to illuminate the various alternative paths (i.e. we focus our attention and try to identify Action Pockets). With this big help, little Hood can now orient herself. As soon as she has a good enough idea of which is the best path to follow in the crossroad, she starts walking towards it (what we call fuzzy routing).
This way the chopper can be decommissioned and go help another one of her sisters, that may also be crying for a similar reason at another part of the forest! In the end we have one chopper for the whole forest, so it would be unfair for the one sister to monopolize its services. That’s why it’s important to make up her mind quickly and start walking towards a path (i.e. the importance of fuzzy routing to not get the full attention for long). Because in any case, if the little Hood finds out that her hasty decision was the wrong one and she didn’t pick the correct path, all she has to do is start crying again and the chopper will arrive again at her assistance.

Finally, there may be some cases where there are more than one sisters crying together at different parts of the forest. What does the chopper do now? Simple, it will go to the sister that is crying louder! Because it means that she’s in more trouble.

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