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The role & threats for humans in the race for super-human AI

We all know AI is coming. What we’re not sure yet is how much and how smart. Sooner or later it will get close to human intelligence, which is the most complex and remarkable instrument  in our known universe. AI is a human invention. So what are its limits? Can we really even reach parity with the human mind? Can we reach even higher? Should we?

Is it better to stop? Some propose to set boundaries; man-made limits & conventions. Will they be respected? Is it really feasible to set a artificial limit to “progress”? Unfortunately till now history has shown us that when humanity is close to a scientific/technological leap there is little we can do to keep everybody from diving in. So the more interesting question for me is how much higher can we go, and what is the real limit in this “race”?


Is it really possible to build something much better than a human brain?  Read the rest of this entry

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