What Noesis Theory is

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  • What

Noesis Theory is a theory that provides an explanation of how the human brain works. It depicts the brain as a mechanism that tries constantly to do only one thing in life: maximize pleasure.

  • How

In a relatively simple manner, it describes a set of systems and mechanisms, as the basis to produce our thoughts, our actions and our emotions. It is neither a biological nor a psychological theory. It does not require special knowledge and expertise to understand it; just your own pure logic. In fact, once you get the grasp of it, it will seem quite obvious to you and you’ll quickly be able to draw examples of its concepts from your own everyday life.

  • Why

If Noesis Theory proves to be correct, then it unlocks one of the biggest mysteries from the creation of man: how our brain works. It can explain what happens within our brain when any individual acts in any way, at any point in time. Since it is so universally applicable, you can use it to understand the motives of human action, the patterns of thought, how experience is gained and how it is put to use afterwards, how emotions are formed and how they subside, how needs are prioritized and how they are translated into actions, what captures our attention and how pleasurable things gradually become boring, etc.


Noesis Theory is a tool to understand the people around you, as well as yourself. It is your map for the inner workings of the human mind.



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