Support the effort

Για Ελληνικά, πατήστε εδώ

Noesis Theory is being developed 

  • by only one person (Vassilis Toulias)
  • on his very limited free time
  • when not struggling to make a living in the midst of the Greek economic crisis
  • with no connection to academia, to exchange ideas & peer-review the theory
  • with no capabilities for experiments and lab-work, to search for actual proof
  • with no support from possible benefactors
  • with no connections to event organizers, to arrange presentations of the Theory

If you can provide help to any of these limiting factors above, you could be a great help for the advancement of the theory.

You can support the effort

  • If you work in the academic sector  in a related field and can exchange ideas or peer-review the Theory
  • If you can provide funds or resources to support the development of this Theory
  • If you can arrange presentations of the Theory to audiences

Noesis Theory can change the future by shaping a new way of how we think about ourselves and forging a new path for progress in technology & artificial intelligence. But as with all important things in life, one man can only do so much; with the help of all of you, Noesis theory can propel us forward into a new scientific era where the human mind is no longer a mystery.

The blurred line between “soft” sciences and “hard” sciences will no longer exist. From psychology to marketing to behavioral finance, all sciences that target the human mind can benefit from the Noesis models. Artificial intelligence can take a turn to create truly intelligent systems, the way that have been already invented in nature, that are agnostic of rules and quickly adapt to any circumstance and learn from it.

But the most important is the paradigm for human behavior that this theory can provide. Knowledge on the actual mechanisms of our motives and our emotions can reduce the irrationality of our actions and help logic prevail for the bettering of society in general.

If you also believe in the causes above, if you understand the potential of this Theory and you are able to help in any way, you are most welcome to contact me in the email in order to exchange contact details and further discuss the collaboration potential.


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