Noesis in your own words

Για Ελληνικά, πατήστε εδώ

Noesis Theory is curiously both

  • very easy to relate to, but also
  • quite tricky to explain thoroughly

Although this website is continuously enhanced with new information such as articles, blog posts, videos and other interactive material, to better explain the Noesis Theory, it may not be enough for everybody. Not all people think alike and one way to describe things might be much better than another.

This is where your contribution comes in! 

  1. Speak Noesis Theory in your own words. Describe a part of it as you have it in your own mind.
  2. Provide examples of your daily experiences that are interpreted by Noesis Theory and explain to others how they are related.

Send an article or a video via email to with your description or experiences on Noesis Theory and, after validating it with you, I will have it uploaded in this website, to help others understand the simplicity of Noesis Theory as you have seen it.


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