Prove it. Disprove it

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Noesis Theory is a work-in-progress. Thus, although many of its elements appear to be correct, reasonable and even obvious in some cases, there are no references to scientific literature and experiments that prove it. This has two effects:

  • it makes it difficult to be certain on which parts of the theory are 100% correct and which need improvement
  • it hinders acceptance of the Theory by the scientific community

The solution is simple and can be realized with your participation:

  • Try to disprove Noesis Theory

If you can think of examples of human behavior that, in your opinion, cannot be explained in a convincing way by the Theory, if you can find results of scientific experiments that contradict the basic pillars of the Theory, if you can find on your own gaps and inconsistencies in the Theory itself, then please send all your evidence to in order to be evaluated.

Have in mind the scope of Noesis Theory and thus please focus on examples of normal human behavior and not exceptional cases where severe trauma, or hormonal and chemical imbalances cause unpredictable behavior. Since Noesis Theory focuses on the systemic/algorithmic level of abstraction, it is unable to explain phenomena that materialize due to malfunctions in the lower abstraction levels. Moreover, it is important to first try and explain how a normal human brain operates and only then we can focus on the details and exceptions to the general rule.

  • Try to prove Noesis Theory

If you know of scientific experiments whose results coincide with predictions of Noesis Theory, if you know of some well-established theories whose findings blend well with one or more of the main elements or building blocks of Noesis Theory, if you can provide references to scientific literature that discuss in a similar way and support the topics highlighted by the Theory, then please send all your evidence to in order to be evaluated.

Any contribution in this peer-review process would be valuable. It is the only method for Noesis to progress from hypothesis, to theory, to model, to reality.


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